From Waste To Wow: How To Make Your Corporate Gifts More Sustainable

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Isn't it time to wave goodbye to plastic pens and novelty fidget toys and quit wasting company money on corporate swag that ends up in the junk drawer, or worse... landfill?

That's right! More than 3 out of 5 of your well intentioned corporate gifts and promotional giveaway products are being tossed out and ending up in landfill! 😳

Consciously chosen gifts can not only show that your company cares about our planet, but also help to strengthen relationships, amplify brand visibility, and cultivate client loyalty.

With all this in mind, we think it's time to use corporate gifts, company swag, brand merch... whatever the cool kids 😎 call it these day... as an opportunity to showcase your brand values, improve people's lives, bring joy and inspire others all whilst taking care of Mama Earth!

First things first, what’s the goal of corporate gifting? 

Simply put, the aim of giving company gifts is to express gratitude, build rapport, delight recipients and making a lasting positive impression. However, many corporate gifts end up being cheap novelties that break easily or get tossed aside.

It's time to level up your gifting game! Here's how to show your brand values, impress clients, customers, guests, and employees, and set yourself apart from the competition with thoughtful and sustainable gifts that make a difference.  

Showcase Your Brand Values

"I love the design. Helps me be more sustainable every day." Sophie K, Bottlecup Customer

Align your gifts with your company's sustainability goals and zero waste policy. Get creative with experiences, online courses, or practical products like Bottlecup – a 2-in-1 reusable water bottle and coffee cup. It's a game-changer, ensuring your team, clients, and customers always have their reusable cup handy. By promoting positive change and reflecting your conscious culture, you empower everyone to carry less and reuse more conveniently. Plus, who doesn't love scoring a reusable cup discount on their morning commute? It's a win-win!

Choose Quality Over Quantity

“What a great product. I never forget my coffee cup now and it keeps coffee hot for so long. People are amazed at the clever design." Christine L, Bottlecup Customer

Remember, sometimes less is more – so if you've got a tight budget, go for that one perfect gift instead of a bunch of extras. Trust me, nobody needs another pen, keyring or squeegee ball! Quality gifts are not only appreciated, but stick around longer!

The aim of corporate gifting is to boost brand loyalty, leave a positive impression, and reinforce your brand values. But if you're dishing out too many items that break at the drop of a hat, you're just inviting frustration! Opt for quality gifts that speak volumes about your company instead.

Quality was at the forefront of our minds when we created Bottlecup. Durable and built to last using a clever modular design with easily replaceable parts, allowing you to replace a part or customise your Bottlecup without replacing the whole item. Saving you money and keeping your Bottlecup in use for a lifetime. Both bottle and cup are double-walled, vacuum insulated keeping drinks hotter or colder for longer.

Reuse More With Less!

I'd 100% recommend it to anyone, it's so handy and versatile for bringing to work, camping, or the gym and also makes for a fantastic gift! Ross L, Bottlecup Customer

Reusable and multi-purpose gifts are like the superheroes of gifting! They cut down on single-use items, promote sustainability, and give recipients something they'll  more likely use and enjoy! 

Bottlecup, for example, is designed to help everyone carry less and reuse more. No more carting around bulky reusables. With its minimalist design, the water bottle keeps you hydrated all day long, and when you need a coffee fix, just give it a twist to reveal the hidden cup (with a lid stored neatly and hygienically in the base!) for your on-the-go caffeine hit... or smoothie! Goodbye disposables!

Is It Useful?

“I’ve had my bottlecup for the last 6 months and honestly I love it - I use it everyday and I just feel a little bit happier about the disposable coffee cups I’ve not had to use.” She Peng T, Bottlecup Customer

Most corporate swag is designed to promote your company, with little thought of how the recipient might actually use it. Pens, keyrings, magnets, and fidget toys aren’t adding any true value and can be quickly forgotten, or thrown away.

A co-branded Bottlecup however is a genuinely useful gift (just read our lovely customer reviews!) and will remind your recipients of your awesome company every time they grab their favourite takeaway coffee, tea, smoothie, or beer at a festival! Cheers to that!

Ditch The Plastic!

"I LOVE my new bottlecup. The best part is having one item to carry around in my bag rather than a separate coffee cup and water bottle. It is so easy to use. I love drinking from the coffee cup as well" Katie R, Bottlecup Customer

By now, it's widely known that disposable and single-use plastics are bad news for our health and environment. But did you know that recycled plastic isn't much better? In fact, some research indicates it may be more harmful to our health than virgin plastic, which has also shown to leach harmful chemicals into our food and water. Yikes!

Plastic-free gifts not only show that you care about the health of our planet, but also make a lasting impression on clients, customers, and employees. They can spark conversations, raise brand awareness, and inspire others to join the plastic-free movement. Plus, by choosing plastic-free or reusable gifts, you're supporting businesses that prioritise sustainability, promoting positive change, and setting your company apart as an environmentally conscious leader in a competitive market.

Bottlecup is made from just two materials:18/8 stainless steel and food grade silicone. And it comes in plastic-free packaging too! The co-founders also live a zero waste lifestyle but that's a story for another time!

Spread The Word!

“I enjoy using it and showing it to my friends. Looking forward to using it for a very long time, it’s a keeper!” Marie-Elise V, Bottlecup Customer

Word of mouth is a great way to spread positive messages about your company, increase awareness and your client base! So give a gift they'll want to tell everyone they meet about. Something that catches people's attention, like Bottlecup! We can even colour match your brand colours! Others will marvel as the to-go cup is effortlessly revealed with one simple twist and immediately want to know where the heck you got it!

Let's Get Together 

Bottlecup will help your clients, employees and guests effortlessly remember their reusable cup - and your brand 😉 - everyday!

If you're curious to see how good your brand logo looks on Bottlecup, simply click here and we'll be delighted to get a digital mocha (that's mock-up) over to you!

Now let's improve the world of corporate gifting together! Goodbye landfill. Hello change 🙌 💚

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