Plastic-Free Festival Guide 3: Costumes & Clothing

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Want to add some stardust to your festival experience? We've got you with these plastic-free festival apparel and glitter suggestions.

In part 1 we covered plastic-free festival ideas for food and drink, and in part 2 you'll find plastic-free personal care suggestions. Now we're looking at plastic-free costumes, apparel and glitter!


All that glitters isn’t gold…. erm, it’s usually itsy bitsy bits of plastic actually! Even most eco glitter isn’t as good as it’s sounds. But there is some good news for our dazzling glitter-loving festival goers. Look for products made from Bioglitter which uses a natural plant derived material instead of plastic. It has been proven to be completely biodegradable (from the core to the coating) into a harmless substance in the natural environment, including natural freshwater. 

EcoStardust comes in aluminium pots with glass lids which can be easily separated for recycling - unless you want to keep them to reuse first of course. To apply the glitter to your skin, use their plastic-free aloe vera gel.

Eco Glitter Fun is another plastic free glitter option that comes in plastic-free packaging too.


Choose natural fibres to avoid any microfibres shedding when you’re throwing your shapes in the silent disco tent or in the laundry when you get home! Check labels, even when shopping second hand and look for 100% natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, wool, merino wool, alpaca, Tencel and silk. 

Etsy could be a great place to look for specific costumes made from natural materials… or make your own. 

Face Paints

If you’re looking for plastic-free face paints, then try these ones by BioKidd who make natural face paints using organically certified beeswax, clay and mineral pigments and  have recently switched to plastic-free packaging. 

Or try these ones by Mix Clean Green who make refillable and  plastic-free compressed powder face paints using natural and organic colours and minerals. They are handmade in Devon and can be washed off easily. To use the plastic-free face paints paints, simply mix the powders with a little water to create vibrant yet gentle face paints. Unscented, palm-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Rain Wear

Not to put a dampener (pun intended!) on your festival excitement but a cagoule and pair of wellies are especially important if you’re going to a festival in Britain! Summer here can be super unpredictable! You could be slathering on the spf one day and up to your knees in mud the next!

This organic cotton raincoat from Rapanui is super light weight and has a water-resistant coating that is PFC-free. This whole raincoat is also plastic-free; the zip is metal and the pullcord and canvas are made of natural materials.

Look for wellies made from natural rubber such as Lakeland who also line theirs with organic cotton! Or try a shoe brand like Vivo Barefoot who take back any of their footwear at the end of their life and refurbish or recycle them! You can even buy refurbished shoes from their sister site Revivo.

And remember to pack a cosy jumper or two for those chilly evenings. Merino wool base layers might be handy too!

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