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Bottlecup FAQs

Bottlecup makes your life easier! Combining two items in one means you have less to carry and less to remember. No more forgetting your reusable coffee cup! Using resuables feels great, but remembering and carrying them all at once can feel like a chore. Bottlecup makes reusing effortless.

Unlike a lot of other reusable water bottles and coffee cups, we are 100% plastic free! The bottle and cup are made from 18/8 stainless steel with a food grade silicone lid and waist band. Our packaging is also 100% plastic-free.

Both the bottle and cup are vacuum insulated to keep your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold.

The coffee cup lid is securely and hygienically stored in the base of the cup when not in use.

With a single twist release your coffee cup is super convenient to use and it's own self-contained item, with the lid stored neatly in the base.

Bottlecup is modular with replaceable parts. You can replace a part or customise your Bottlecup without replacing the whole item. Saving you money and keeping your Bottlecup in use for longer.

Bottlecup let's you customise your colour combination of silicone band and lid with your favourite cup colour, or naked stainless steel. This gives you lots of ways to express your own personality with your Bottlecup!

Bottlecup is protected by our lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Bottlecup is 100% plastic-free and made from 18/8 Stainless Steel, food grade silicone and good vibes! Our packaging is also plastic free.

Both our bottle and our cup are double wall insulated to help keep your favourite hot beverage hot, and cold beverage cold!

The coffee cup lid is hidden neatly and securely in the base of the coffee cup.

Right here! We currently only sell from our own online store, but watch this space for further retail outlets.

With love, in a 100% recyclable cardboard box, and recycled card inner pallet. We’ve gone to great length to minimise the amount of packaging whilst also providing the necessary protection for each Bottlecup.

Bottlecup is designed in the UK and made ethically in China. We spent 6 months trying to find a UK based manufacturer. We found a thriving manufacturing sector for specialist industries, but sadly no options for an end-to-end production for Bottlecup.

We were delighted to partner with Tiger Global a UK based supply chain and product innovations company who are B Corp Certified. With them, we found a trusted manufacturing partner based in China.

It sure is! The stainless steel parts can be collected by your curbside collection to be recycled easily. Whilst silicone is recyclable it isn’t widely accepted by most recycling facilities, so we’d love you to send those back to us to be recycled properly. Both the silicone and the stainless steel parts can be sent back to us and we will recycle responsibly.

We do! Why replace the whole Bottlecup when only one part is needed? After all, Bottlecup has been designed to last so when you do eventually need a new part, you can find them available to purchase in our online store. If you feel part of the Bottlecup hasn’t lived up to its intended use, please contact us with pictures of the issue.

Bottlecup is designed with convenience in mind. 

  • Height of Bottlecup is 255mm approx
  • Cup only height is 138mm approx
  • Width at Cup base is 78mm approx
  • Width at base of Bottle without cup is 66mm approx

Bottlecup is designed to fit most cupholders. Width at Cup base is 78mm approx.

Shipping FAQs

USA orders ship Monday to Friday with a same day dispatch cut off time of 4pm.

UK, Europe and worldwide orders ship Monday to Friday with a someday cut off time of 7pm.

We deliver worldwide. The full list of regions can be found in the checkout. Simply add your items to your basket, proceed to checkout and select your shipping country. If your country is not listed, but you'd like us to consider shipping there please get in touch here.

Care & Maintenance

No. Using a dishwasher will potentially damage the insulation properties of both the cup and the bottle over time. It may also cause the paintwork to fade.

Hand wash your Bottlecup to help extend its life and provide you with many years of trusty service!

We recommend hand washing with warm soapy water to clean your Bottlecup. Using a soft bottle brush will help you to clean in the hard to reach places inside the bottle and cup.

Wash each component separately for best results. We advise that you remove the silicone waist band at least once a week and clean as above.

Avoid soaking your Bottlecup bottle lid. Submerging your Bottlecup lid for an extended period of time can lead to water becoming trapped inside your lid.

Ensure that you rinse all of your Bottlecup components throughly to remove all traces of soap. This will help you avoid residue build up and drinking soapy water on your next use.

Allow your Bottlecup to air dry on a clean dishcloth or towel. Ensure that air is able to circulate around the inside each component. Or use a dishcloth to thoroughly dry each component.

We advise that you clean your Bottlecup at the end of each day after use.

Do not put your Bottlecup in the microwave. Bottlecup is made from stainless steel and will likely damage your appliance, in addition to damaging your Bottlecup.

Do not put your Bottlecup in the freezer. This may damage the insulation properties of your Bottlecup.