Boost reuse

Only 1 in 6 reusable coffee cup owners actually use them regularly...we’re here to change that!

Single use plastic

While incredible people dedicate themselves to helping undo the impact of plastic waste, plastic production is expected to double by 2040 and increase by 2.5 times by 2050.

We want to help prevent disposable plastic from being manufactured in the first place.

The tide of public opinion is steadily turning. People need easy, convenient alternatives that empower us to make small positive changes each day. Together our actions can make a huge difference.


Coffee to-go is a daily staple for millions of people across the world.

Reuse rates for reusable water bottles are strong and growing. People are used to carrying a reusable water bottle and reuse them frequently. Reusable coffee cups are growing in popularity, but reuse rates are out of step.

Global reuse rates for reusable coffee cups were between 1 - 5% of total takeaway sales pre-COVID. In 2019, sustainable charity Hubbub found that despite 69% of people surveyed in the UK owning a reusable cup, only 1 in 6 use them every time they buy a hot drink. The reusable coffee cup was often being forgotten or left behind due to the inconvenience of carrying multiple reusables.

Convenience is key

Making it easier to carry your reusable coffee cup is at the heart of Bottlecup. As consumers, we had exactly the same issues each day with our own reusables. Limited space to carry, forgetting our cup and having to forgo coffee as a result... argh!

By making reuse easier for more people we can collectively improve reuse rates and make a really big difference.

Boosting your impact

By combining two products in one, you're carrying your reusable coffee cup without needing to pre-plan or remember. Simply grab your Bottlecup and go!

The space needed to ship Bottlecup is drastically reduced. Our use of packaging is reduced, as we're protecting one item instead of two. Our energy use and emissions are also significantly lower in these areas than if we produced two separate items.

Our values for 100% plastic-free, durability, modular design and giving back are also built in. You can read about our values here.

Bottlecup helps to boost your impact without any change to your regular habit. Simply grab your Bottlecup and go!


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